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Monday, July 15, 2013

Dunedin, New Zealand Trolley Coach Overhead, April, 1978

Source:  Porter, Harry R. In "Trolley Coach News", "Dunedin", No. 48, Vol. 12, Number 1, Winter, 1980.  pp. 23-25.
The map above was titled "Dunedin, N.Z.  Trolley Coach Overhead.  Compiled and drawn by Wayne Hom in April, 1978.
  Several cities in New Zealand had trolley bus service.  The material comes from "Trolley Coach News" which is no longer in existence, probably at least from 1989.  According to the short article about Dunedin, trolleybus service did not come until 12/23/50 and the last line to be converted (either tram or motor bus) was the "Half Way Bush" line on 9/28/58.  Due to a change of policy, abandonment became official in 1962.    The system was still in existence in April, 1978, where four routes that are remaining are shown.  According to the text in the right picture above, the scene looks like North America.  An interesting characteristic of the overhead in Dunedin, according to the article, is that many signs were attached to the overhead, such as "Cut Off" and "Reduce Speed" and so on.  I remember a sign near Church and McDonald Avenues in Brooklyn that said "SECTION INSULATOR   XXX FEET", where the XXX was some number which I do not remember, perhaps 200 Feet.

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