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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wellington New Zealand Overhead/Route Map 1980

Source:  "Wellington" , Harry R. Porter, Editor, "Trolley Coach News", Vol. 12, Number 1, No. 48, Winter, 1980.pp. 4-18.  The two trolleybus overhead maps were designed by Wayne Hom in June 1971, and revised on 10/1980.  The "Wellington Suburban Electric Railway System" map is initialed CJMS and is dated 11/65.

 The Wellington system may still be active today.  Please see these interesting maps; they were revised 34 years ago and may be of interest to some of our readers.  Some interesting tunnel sections are shown with a shared third wire.  The last map is a detail of the business section of the city.


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  2. The Wellington system is most certainly still active today, see . I rode a trolleybus there this January.

    1. Thanks Anon256! Another source is "Trolleymotion".