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Monday, July 8, 2013

Was there really a Tramway Null in Warsaw in the 1920s?

Source:   A film clip from the movie called " Przedwojenna Warszawa 1936 " which translated to "Pre War Warsaw ".  I took a clip of the movie and gave Michael Troy to convert the "15" Route Number to "0" (Null) for me.  It is very rare that a tramway system would start off it routes with a zero, but my father said that he was told in Warsaw in 1920 that in order to get to the "American Embassy" he needed to take "Tramway Null".  What do you think?


  1. I have no explanation for the Warsaw line, but in Oslo, Norway, there was actually a line "Zero". Other lines were numbered 1, 2 and onwards, but line 0 symbolized a circle line from the city centre towards the township Sagene. The destination was "Sagene Ring", ring meaning circle. Other trams carried the line number "X". This symbolized the word Ekstra or Extra, which was rush-hour trams on any line. It was claimed that German soldiers during the war misinterpreted this as roman figure X for 10.

    Roy B, Oslo

    1. Hi Anonymous:

      Thanks for your input. At least we know now that there is at least one line that is indicated by a "zero" in the world. You just gave me a thought. In Polish, a "0" is not translated as "Null" but "zero" (I believe), so therefore my father may have been wrong. He should have been told to take "Tramwaj Zero" and not "Tramwaj Null" if it really existed.

      Thanks, Tramway-Null.