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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I did not know that the Independent Subway Goes to Houston, Texas (2nd Avenue)

During this holiday season, the New York City Transit Authority runs special trains consisting of old equipment.  One such fleet consists of Independent Subway R1-9 cars, classics which opened up the new Independent Subway in the early 1930's.  At many transit websites, these cars are displayed, particularly Subchat.  I believe a series of photographs were either posted and photographed by "Mysterious Friday" and I copied them below.  In the 1950's and 1960's, when the "D" train either went to Church Avenue or Coney Island, the side route signs stated "Houston St. - 6th Avenue Express".  It is true that the "D" train and presently the "F" train curve east to Brooklyn after the West 4th Street - Washington Square station along Houston Street making stops at Broadway-Lafayette Street and 2nd Avenue.  Houston, is that not a city in Texas?  As a child, I felt something was wrong but I could not express it.  Later on, I learned that this Houston Street was pronounced "How- Ston" after a Georgia official that married into a wealthy New York family who owned land near present day Houston Street.  In short, this  Mr. Houston, whose spelling of his name was changed, is not the same man as Sam Houston of Texas.  So the Independent Subway does not go the 2nd Avenue Houston after all.

Profile of William Houstoun.
Houston Street viewed from Orchard Street.

Destination box from a R1-9 subway car in holiday service.  Queens- Forest Hills to Houston Texas, 2nd Avenue; how many stops an how long it takes?  Below, the back of a "Nostalgia Special"; A train consisting of Museum R1-9 cars in recent passenger service running to Houston Street-2nd Avenue during this holiday season.  It makes me ask: Is there a Goerck Street in Houston Texas also?

I would like to thank so much the person who posted  and photographed this great shot on "Subchat"

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