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Monday, December 16, 2013

Rare Map of the Proposed Second Avenue Subway in Manhattan as of 1974

Source:  Erlitz, Jeffrey, B. In "Second Avenue Subway - Manhattan Section", New York Division Bulletin, Electric Railroaders' Association, Vol. 39, No. 4., April, 1996. p.4.

The attached map is a computer generated map which is based on a map that appeared in the August, 1974 Bulletin.  When the Second Avenue Subway was under construction in the early 1970's,  a number of small sections were built but subway construction stopped when the city went into a terrible fiscal crisis.  I believe a short section was built on the lower east side and another section uptown.  In the map attached, the Second Avenue route stretches from 125th Street to Whitehall Street in lower Manhattan.  The line is interesting because it would have included two track, three track and four track sections with a few interchanges with other lines.  There is also a double deck section in lower Manhattan.  At Grand Street, an cross a platform transfer to Sixth Avenue services was provided.  Currently, the Second Avenue subway is under construction again  only to 96th Street and also stretches north from a connection to the 63rd Street line from West 57th Street.  I believe the line is very deep and only has two tracks and did not utilize the "cut and cover" method that was used to build small sections of the line in the 1970's.  I am not sure if any previously constructed sections in the 1970's is used in the current construction.  This map is very rare and I know some readers would be interested in it.  Tramway Null(0).

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