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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Trolleybus Art

4th Annual European Trolley Bus Day from Trolleymotion Facebook Page

Concerning my home town, New York City, several generations of children do not know what a trolleybus or streetcar is  Perhaps we can get them to draw pictures of "stink buggies" , AKA "diesel buses".  Nice pictures from the Trolleymotion Facebook page.  Although not connected directly to this topic, many of you may know the "Jackie Gleason Show" with Jackie Gleason who plays the role of a  beloved bus driver.  It is a really funny show.  I am not sure if it is viewed around the world in various languages.  Nevertheless, I was told that originally before going on television in the 1950's, the Ralph Kramden role was not a bus driver in Manhattan but that of a streetcar motorman, perhaps from Brooklyn, but the script was changed.  Who knows if the streetcar conductor role was kept, and so many people love the "Honeymooners", perhaps there would have been less pressure for abandonment in the 1950's in New York City.  Just a thought.

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