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Friday, January 3, 2014

It Sometimes Snows in the Subway as Well

  Folks, we just got over a snowstorm here in New York City.  It was not the snowstorm with the most snow, but the temperatures are quite chilly.  In subchat, Gold-12th posted this great picture.  The link is above.  I am bringing it up because the Borough Hall station on the IRT 4 and 5 routes is quite elderly.  It was probably in service in 1908 and it is close to the surface.  I believe the air vents are built as long strips along the sidewalk near the curb.  Probably in the station, the vents are right against the wall along the platform.  Believe it or not, this is not a rare occurrence and I saw subway snow drifts at the Bergen Street F train station on the upper level as well many times in the past.  There are probably many more sites were this occurs as well.  It depends on the amount of snow, temperature and wind speed and the position of the air vents and its' structure.

The Borough Hall Station on the Lexington Avenue Line is a two track station.  I posted plans showing that the station was supposed to be a three tracker.

The building across the street is the Brooklyn Municipal Building.  The subway entrance is to the extreme right.  To the back of the photographer is Brooklyn Borough Hall.  I do not see any air vents in this shot.  I believe the air vents  are across the street.  The street at the extreme right and perpendicular is Court Street which had a rich electric transit history.  Picture taken off the web and shows springtime blossoms.  This is near the Supreme Court.

The Boro Hall station with original equipment in 1908.

To me this looks like the Fulton  Street Elevated passing in front of Borough Hall.  The picture I believe is facing Court Street.  Service on the Fulton Street Elevated in Downtown Brooklyn ended in 1940.

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