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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nice Tunnel Entrance on Mars: But Where are the Tracks and Wires?

  Recently, a reader used " www.ufo a concave tunnel entrance on  " to bring up my blog and I was interested because my blog covers abandoned tunnels and entrances related to rapid transit.  So I was amazed when I brought up a "tunnel "entrance on Mars.  I cannot tell you if this was caused by natural conditions such as wind and ancient rivers that used to flow on mars or if was "man" made, this time by a UFO person(s).  At any rate, when I was a child, I used to go to the astronomy section of my library and I used to look for hours at maps of mars and the supposed canals that existed.  It later came out at the beginning of the 20th Century that the older pictures of mars were distorted by optical illusions.

Below is the tunnel entrance on Mars.  Where are tracks and wires?  If there is a station in the tunnel, would the first stop be Canal Street?
  The Martian canals were supposed to direct the flow of polar water to the more dryer parts of the planet, near the equator during the summer..

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