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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wellington Trolleybuses in Rain and Shine

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New Zealand Trolley buses

Posted by TransitChuckG on Mon Jan 6 09:16:12 2014
In subchat.

This map was posted in an earlier post.  From North American Trackless Trolley Association.  (Trolley Coach News # 48, 1980).

Hi Folks:

   I came across this great video posted in subchat dealing with the trolleybus system in Wellington, New Zealand.  Unlike the video dealing with Riga, Latvia tramways, this video is very interesting because:
  1.  There is no music and you can concentrate on the sound of the trolleybus as it travels through scenic Wellington.
  2. You can get to hear the trolley poles going trough switches and regular supports  You can here the faint metallic vibration, a sound that we did not hear here in New York since July, 1960, of the trolleybus contacts passing through wire and various switches and clamps.
  3. This video covers the overhead and special work.  Special attention is given to the unique two direction single lane tunnel.
  4. This special single lane tunnel is covered by the video from the front of the trolleybus and even above the entrance of the tunnel concentrating on the special switch work.
  5. Off wire battery operation is also shown at terminals and there are shots of work equipment.
  6. Views of scenic Wellington is shown including the central city, hilltop passes and terminals.
  7. Road markings dealing with the operation of the trolleybus is shown.
  8. I enclosed below a 1980 map of the overhead from the North American Trackless Trolley Association which no longer exists.  I am not sure if this old map is helpful, but I enclosed it anyway.

Enjoy the video:  Tramway Null(0)

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