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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Mystery Ramp? Which Set of Ramps did the 5th Avenue El use to Access the 9th Avenue Station?

There has been some questions regarding which set of ramps did 5th Avenue-Culver trains use west of the Ninth Avenue Station to access the 5th Avenue Elevated.  The two most westerly ramps that did not have fences or tracks on them in the 1950's,  I believe, were not used for this access.  I believe the present day leads to the 36th Street yard that presently have tracks on them were used. I'll try to prove this in the future with some maps.  For the present, I post a present day photograph and a 1924 Aerial.  The 1924 aerial shows that there is no trackage west of the ramps, but you can see trackage more on the northerly side of the yard.  Please see the area circled with a thin black line.  In the 1924 Aerial, the most westerly untracked ramps are shown on the bottom margin near the right corner at the milage scale.  More about this later.

Please note that on the recent photograph it is not clear, but two ramps rising with no tracks on them while about four active tracks enter a tunnel at 7th Avenue.   (The rising ramps do not lead to further tracks.  Culver-5th Avenue El trains used more northerly trackage leading to the 5th Avenue El.) This four track tunnel becomes a very old two track, brick lined tunnel that dates well before 1914 and was originally used by the SBRR.  This two track tunnel ends just short of 4th Avenue which you may see in the 1924 Aerial view just where the captions "1924" and "1951" are printed on top of the picture.  This is the junction point of  4th Avenue subway tracks and the SBRR where the SBRR tracks head directly west to the waterfront.  Tramway Null(0)


  1. check out the you tube videos of the 5th avenue El. There are scens of El cars decending the ramps to enter 9th Avenue. No guess work in volved.

    1. Thanks, Anonymous, for your submittal.
      My best, Tramway Null(0)