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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Could these be two 145 Street Streetcars at the Plow Pit West of Lenox Avenue in 1924?

Notice the two streetcars circled just west of the 145 th Street - Lenox Avenue intersection in this 1924 aerial.  Could they be at the location of the plow pit?  Going east  (see red question mark) from the "plow pit" should be visible trolley wire and poles but I could not see evidence of this, or trolley poles on top of the two streetcars in this 1924 aerial shot.  On the right side of the aerial, where the red question mark is located, you can see at intervals shadows that might be trolley poles supporting the wires, but I am not sure about this.  Off the picture, and to the right is the 145th Street Bridge over the Harlem River.  This bridge connects with 149th Street in the Bronx.

Below shows an extended aerial from 1924.  The two streetcars are at the extreme left.  On the bridge and in the Bronx, are the repeating shadows on the side of the road trolley support poles?

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