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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

South Brooklyn Diesel No. 8 Headed West on 37th Street 1956

This copyrighted photograph  (2008) was shot by Brian J. Cudahy in 1956 and shows Whitcomb Locomotive Number 8 leaving the right of way west of Fort Hamilton Parkway under the Culver Line and entering the 37th Street Yard as the Culver Line swings to the west.  In the background, you can see the incline of the Culver Line as it descends from elevated line level to surface and then to the three track underground Ninth Avenue Subway Station.  As you look carefully at the photograph, you can see trolley wire and two frogs near the cement decline and this thus shows that at least up to 1956, part of the 37th Street Yard was under trolley wire.  A few years later, even before 1961, this yard trackage was equipped with third rail.  Behind the locomotive and the box car is a short siding that enters a factory.  This curved siding is very short and is shown on the SBRR track diagram north of Fort Hamilton Parkway.  To use this short siding, the railroad equipment must have had very tight clearances under the descending el structure.

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