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Monday, May 21, 2012

Moscow and St. Petersburg Trams in various running Environments

My friend from St. Petersburg gave me these links to very interesting tram videos showing various tramways operating in various environments:  Street operation, through a park in Moscow and on an elevated bridge in St. Petersburg.  Also included is a very short video telling us that according to the producer of the video in his opinion, that St. Petersburg trams are in great danger of being replaced probably by buses.  You will see that some of the trackwork is crumbling and some of the trams are shabby.
You will enjoy the Moscow tramway line that operates through a delightful park in its own right of way.  There is also a junction of three routes right in the park!  In Manhattan, some streetcar routes ran across Central Park but they ran on a park road shared with other traffic.  In Brooklyn, the busy Flatbush Avenue Line ran down Flatbush Avenue between the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Prospect Park.  If the Flatbush Avenue Line ran in its own right of way in Prospect Park, it would look probably similar to these fabulous scenes from Moscow.  The tramway that goes through the Moscow park must be quite scenic in the fall.

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