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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Questions Regarding the correct 5th Avenue El Ramp Continues

Source:  Unavailable.  Obtained from "Subchat" today.

  This photo was taken during the time the 38th Street cut was under construction around 1916.  If you look at the right of the picture, at the skyline, you can see the trolley support poles for the old PRW of the West End and 5th Avenue - Culver elevated trains.  These two ramps, as titled in the photograph are not the set further east that are in use today.  According to the picture, the ramp on the left side have tracks on it.  According to my earlier post aerial from 1924, these set of ramps do not lead to the elevated complex at 36th Street and Fifth Avenue.  As a small child, in 1957, while riding on either the West End or Culver subway trains in the area, as I recall, these ramps did not have ties on it nor were there shadows of buried ties.  In 1957, which was only 17 years after the 5th Avenue El was abandoned, it is unlikely that the old trackage would have been removed, even though it was not in use.  I remember that these two ramps at this location never had handrail protective fences for workers like the two set of ramps to the yard further to the east.  Do you think that for a period of time from 1916 to before 1924, these two westerly ramps had tracks on them in temporary service?  Were these tracks temporary used in the construction of the ramps?  The main line tracks seem to have third rails already installed but they appear to be missing from the ramp on the left.
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