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Friday, August 3, 2012

R-6 and R-11 Class Cars at Bay Parkway on the Culver El, 1972

Joe Testagrose Photo shot on 10/21/72 Titled "R-6 with 1304".  This is at the 22nd Avenue - Bay Parkway station on the "F" line in Brooklyn.
This photo comes from the website.  An interested reader recalls taking in the 1960's trains over the Manhattan Bridge with round windows and wicker seats and deck roofs.  The R-6 car on the left was used originally in the IND subway and sported wicker seats, ceiling paddle fans and a slotted deck roof that the conductor could manually open and close.  The car on the right was an experimental R-11 series car and was the first of the R types that were of stainless steel.  When new, these cars were the prototype cars for the proposed Second Avenue Subway.  They had germ destroying lamps and other innovations.  The windows adjacent to the passenger seats also were unusual in that they were crank operated.  I believe the R-11's were the only BMT-IND cars with portal door windows.

The photo below is an undated photo of A.W. Koster from the collection of Stephen DeLuca.  It shows the interior of a R-11 car constructed by the Budd Company in 1949.  The car in the photo is operating on the Franklin Shuttle and shows it's reconstruction as part of the R-34 contract.  From:

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