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Sunday, December 16, 2012

If it Quacks Like a duck, it must be a... R1/9 in Sweden?

The idea for this posting comes from subchat.  Someone posted  a video showing a Denmark S-Ban train (red delivery) sounding very similar to the retired R1/9 class subway cars used on the Independent Subways system.  I could not bring up the original posting but the posting below from Sweden has a trainset that sounds very similar.

The photograph below comes from Dave's Rail Pix and it shows a southbound PCC trolley, either a Church-McDonald car or a McDonald Avenue car running southbound along the incline to the Independent subway between Church and Ditmas Avenue stations.  Right along side the PCC car is a southbound "D" train (Concourse-6th Avenue Express) emerging from the tunnel.  These R1/9 subway cars were posted in an earlier video.  The date of this photo must be between 1954 when the IND subway was extended to Coney Island via the Culver Line and the last day of trolley service in Brooklyn on October 31, 1956.  The back of the portal, towards the left is McDonald Avenue and Avenue C.  Today at that location, the New York City Transit Authority is building a signal room just above the entrance to the portal at Avenue C. 

When I heard the original video from Europe,  from equipment that sounded so similar to the retired class R/9's, I expected the conductor to yell out "59th Street - Columbus Circle".

I was not able to contact the correct source video.

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