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Thursday, December 27, 2012

West End "D" Simulation from 36th Street - 4th Avenue

Catch this great simulation on the West End Line "D" as it goes south to Coney Island from the 36th Street Station.  A R-68 car with audio will be under your control.  You will see some of the "mystery ramps" as well.  Posted in "Subchat" by

Broadway Lion   Go to link below:   Please see my question below:

This is the text that associated with the posting:

Sheepsheadbites just posted this:

"OpenBVE is an open source program for Windows, Linux and Mac created by dedicated train simulating enthusiasts. This particular video (Brighton Line) was created by AlognquinRider810.

According to Wikipedia:

Users operate trains from the cab controls viewing the track ahead, or from trackside with a roaming view of the 3D exterior and railway scenery. The goal is to successfully drive a selected railway route and train, obeying signals, making stops on schedule, picking up and dropping off passengers, without speeding or derailing."
There are a whole bunch more on You Tube. Just search for OpenBVE.

Get a cup ready first to catch the foam.
R-68 Simulation:

below is the same simulation with an R160 Q Train in D Train Service.

 Folks, listen to the noise of the R-160 when it leaves a station.  These three musical notes, I am told where used in a 1950's American science fiction film when the spacecraft takes off.  Can anyone comment on this?  Is this true?


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Get ready to foam!

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