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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Transit Authority's Airline Replacement for the BMT Culver Shuttle

Source:  ARCGIS ESRI Sandy Hurricane Before / After Map Source Panel 6k

"In order to help "D" (West End) riders reach the "F" line at Ditmas Avenue, the Transit Authority is pleased to announce the establishment of the new "Culver Shuttle Airplane".  This service will be made available by walking by foot to the "airport" on the easterly side of 37th Street near Fort Hamilton Parkway or taking a new shuttle train that will arive in the lower level of the Ninth Avenue Station and will exit the portal to a temporary wooden platform on 37th Street near the airport.  Passengers will need only to cross 37th Street.  (The track in the area is already 3rd Rail equipped).  Passengers will be equipped with parachuttes and will be given a selection of stops to drop off at, the main drop off point will be Ditmas Avenue on the F train and Coney Island.  Please speak to your pilot for requested drop off points.  If the service becomes popular, some "V" trains will provide direct service to Ninth Avenue (Lower Level) or the airport at 37th Street."  In keeping with tradition, the shuttle train between Ninth Avenue Lower and the airport will be labeled number "5"".

Actually, I am not sure if this airplane was photographed by satelite or a higher flying plane.  I came across it by accidentARCGIS ESRI provides an interactive map showing before and after pictures with a map underlay.  The focus when opening this map is the devasted Breezy Point area of the Rockaways, but you can adjust the map to anyplace in New York City.

There is an airplane path in the area that flies north following the numbered avenues (like 13th Avenue) and passes the Grand Army Plaza area of Brooklyn.  As a child, I remember the same path was in existence and I remember the propeller planes (US Constellations?) that followed this path.  I remember that at times, one of the four propellers would drop out of service and would start to sputter.  You could see and hear this at ground level.  Thank Gd the plane had three other propellers.  The plane in the picture is following the same air pattern.

Please find below a aerial of the washed out section of the Rockaway Line after Sandy using the same resource.  Its' location is north of the Rockaway area in Jamaica Bay.

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