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Friday, April 5, 2013

2020 Polar Ice Cap Melt Map: Possible Flooding on the Sea Beach Line from Bay Parkway South

In the above map, I brought in my 2020 Polar Ice Cap Melt Scenario shapefile and followed the "green line" marking flooding on the Sea Beach Line (N) to the most northern extent, which is Avenue "O" just south of the Bay Parkway Station.  The Sea Beach Line is built in a open cut but it is surprising to see that the street elevations in the area is about 26 feet.  As posted earlier, the Transit Authority in planning should convert the "N" train to the "N" Trolley Boat from south of the Bay Parkway Station to 86th Street.  I am really surprised by the extent of anticipated flooding so far north of the Coney Island Creek.

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