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Friday, April 26, 2013

Smith - 9th Street Station will open today

In the undated picture below, a GG train with head car of type R-4 is getting ready to relay to the northbound track at the Fourth Avenue station, which is one station away from the Smith-9th Street station. Notice that the Fourth Avenue station had window panels with non transparent glass.  I remember the days before the viaduct on 9th Street was called the Culver Viaduct.  Until 1954, the traditional Culver Line never reached this spot.    The picture is from the Joe Testagrose collection from the website.  Before 1979? the G train was called the GG train.  The GG train below looks like it is just about to stop in the southbound express track before it relays for its return trip to Queens.  Notice the crossover track just in front of the train.  The former interlocking plant is just behind the front car on the other side, see the stairway leading to it.

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