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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Riga Latvia Tram Route Map

  I found this map at the rapid transit map directory that I posted earlier regarding the University of Texas.  I posted this map because it is a good companion to the two Riga tram youtube videos that I posted. In the video showing the first part of the tram route number 5, which starts at llguciems on the east bank of the river, I was surprised what appears to be a rural area is so close to the city center.   This is the video of a "trolley disconnect" which is very interesting.  Does the disconnect take place just before Darza Iela?  On Riga tramways, the stops are announced by automated recording and this map can be very helpful in tracing the route on the videos that I posted and others that are on the web.  Notice how long the Ilguciems-Milgravis route is.  Enjoy!  Check out the University of Texas links to rapid transit maps on the web.  You will need to scroll a bit, the link above is not direct to the rapid transit map site.
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