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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Area west of Sheepshead Bay Race Track Today

Avenue Y overpass today.  Notice the narrow plot of land between the BMT Brighton Line Subway tracks and East 16 th Street.  Notice only one bridge for four tracks over avenue Y.  The former right of way is now occupied by houses built on a narrow plot of land.  East 16 th Street appears in person to be narrower than other streets.  The red star is a marker at 1700 Avenue Y.  The area around avenue Y and Ocean Avenue is completely built up.  There is a slight shadow at Avenue X and the BMT right of way perhaps where the race track spur exited the main line.
It is interesting to note that the leads to the race track exited the BMT main line tracks and not the LIRR tracks on the eastern side of the embankment.  The terminal at the spur had BMT and LIRR Manhattan Beach Branch Tracks.

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