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Thursday, February 2, 2012

New York City Transit Authority's "Area 51" - Not in Roswell but the 76 Street Station

This track diagram which comes from the New York Division Bulletin of July 2001   (Page 16) was drawn by David Rogoff and found in an article in the New York Divsion Bulletin written by Bernand Linder.  This track diagram is not of that of street railway but was drawn to show the trackage for the extension of the IND subway in Brooklyn.  Much has been written on this topic and the long and short of it is that the diagram shows a four track station in the right hand side of the diagram with two tiled platforms.  It seems that the unused station is blocked by a bulkhead and that no one can, or has permission to observe the station, if any.  Perhaps the station extends just a few feet behind the bulkhead?  My purpose here is not to find out if the station exists, but to see if any of the mapping techniques can reveal something.  Remember I do not have the deLuxe edition of ARCGIS and I cannot do a thorough analysis and I am not an expert on this matter.    It is ironic that the above trackage, shown on the left hand side of the diagram exists and is well used and was built almost at the same time of the Roswell incident in New Mexico.

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