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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Can Pixels Solve the Area 51 Mystery at 76 Street?

In my previous posts, I presented in somewhat limited form, the 76 Street and Pitkin Avenue mystery.  Trackmaps show the presence of a four track subway station under that location.  At street level, there are no man hole covers or ventilation gratings hinting that a subway station lies below.  There are not too many people left who remember and are available to reveal eye witness reports regarding the construction.  Some of the signal boards show the 76 Street station, some do not.  The image above which comes from the internet, shows what appears to be 76 Street station.  Presently, in the New York City subway system, there is no 76 Street Station.  The picture appears to be not true, because in 1948, supposedly the date in which the station openned for a short time, the shown R-10 class subway cars did not have this white and blue strip paint scheme.  The transit authority has been quiet regarding this and will not allow anyone to go beyond the bulkhead and take a picture.  Can pixels solve the mystery?
   In my previous posts, I took a 1951 aerial photograph in bitmap format and added it to my ARCGIS ESRI map.  Since I do not have all advanced functions, such as spatial analyst, I could not rubbersheet the image to the correct x and y coordinates.  I tried my best.  The aerial photograph shows that at a few blocks to the left of the station, on Pitkin Avenue, the surface of the street appeals lighter.  Is this due to new asphalt or boards covering a construction pit?  At any rate, the area at 76 Street and Pitkin appears normal and the building footprint (not shown) appears normal.  If I had a better copy of ARCGIS, I would convert the bitmap file to raster and do a raster analysis.

My questions to the public are:

Are there any free programs on the internet that allow for bitmap to raster conversion and can analyze raster files?
Do you think in general that raster analysis can help here?  I am new at this and I would like some opinions from the public.

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