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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Could Have Been

Please see this unusual and rare map from the subchat website. These three maps, drawn in 1945 probably originate within the planning room of the New York City Board of Transportation, the local government agency that took over the privately run Brooklyn Manhattan Transit (BMT) in 1940. These maps shaped Brooklyn surface transit for the next 65 years. I always thought that the New York City Government was strongly anti-trolley, and I believe that I am partially right. What is surprising is that while it is true, ultimately all electric surface transit in Brooklyn was destroyed by July, 1960, in 1945 the New York City Board of Transportation wanted to convert 13 trolley lines to trolley bus and 13 other streetcar lines were to be upgraded with PCC car operation. More about this to follow as the above map is compared to the few streetcar lines that were converted to trolleybus and the ultimate end of streetcar service in Brooklyn on October 31, 1956 and future proposed routes.

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