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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Manhattan Beach RR Had its' Own Overpass over Avenues

Double bridge circled in red over Avenue Y which is in accordance with the original source map.
According to the source map, the Sheepshead Bay Race Track Spur terminal was a multi track terminal in which the BMT tracks were seperated from the LIRR tracks by a fence.  The BMT tracks were on the right hand side of the terminal and the LIRR tracks on the left.  The source map said that the BMT tracks were electrified.  This probably means third rail.  The LIRR tracks were not and were probably steam operated.  It must have been an interesting to view the terminal with BMT standard electric equipment along side with steam equipment.  It is possible that BMT electric service was operated to the race track with older wooden electric elevated equipment.  I never saw an old BMT standard roll sign from the period of 1916- 1924 with a reading "Sheepshead Bay Race Track".

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