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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Can You Locate the UFO's in these photographs?

This shot from Subchat is an early 20th Century shot of the Brighton Beach Private Right of way for elevated trains that run on the surface.  Location is near present day Brighton Beach Avenue. Notice the UFO at the center of the shot above the elevated car.
Notice two or more UFO's.  PCC 1000, the unique "Queen Mary" at Kensington Loop.  The apartment house above the PCC is still standing and it is located on 16th Avenue.  Notice that the UFO's love trolley support poles.  The second shot is from above at the Ditmas Avenue Station showing a SIRT car in Culver Line service.   Notice the UFO near a trolley support pole below.  From Dave's Rail Pix.  Perhaps the water tank on top of the Flatbush Industrial Building is the mother ship.  Top picture is from Dave Pirmann collection from Joe Testagrose.  SIRT picture credit given in another posting.

PCC car 1040 on the Church Avenue Line at the First Avenue Loop on the waterfront.  Notice that the destination sign is marked "Bristol" Street instead of "Rockaway Avenue".  Two more UFO's are interested in checking out the action.   They are also interested in the entrance to the trolley tunnel at Church Avenue and Ocean Parkway as well. 

These pictures are from Dave's Rail Pix Dave Pirmann collection from Joe Testagrose. and subchat.

So we can see from these pictures that UFO's and their ET's inside love trolleys and rapid transit and like to be around trolley loops.  Perhaps they want to set up some lines on Mars, they aleady have the canals that may be used as Right of Ways.  Incidentally, these UFO's are powered by six large incandescent light bulbs.

Church Avenue PCC car bound for
16th and McDonald Avenues (Kensington Loop under Ditmas Avenue Station)  just emerged from the trolley underpass at Ocean Parkway and Church Avenue at East 5th Street and is greeted by a UFO just above the car.   As a child, I remembered that this "UFO" was lighted 24 hours a day.  This photo comes from the website and is from the Joe Testagrose collection.  The period for this shot is between 1951 when Church Avenue got the PCC cars and the end on October 31, 1956.  I would like to thank Dave Pirmann and Joe Testagrose from making these shots available on the web.  Without these pictures, it would hard to imagine the system that was before its' destruction over 50 years ago in Brooklyn.

In the photo below, which is really a clip from one of the Brooklyn Trolley videos that I posted earlier,  you are seeing a westbound Church Avenue or Chuch Avenue - McDonald car just about to enter the trolley tunnel at Ocean Parkway at the easterly entrance.  Notice the UFO; probably a relative to the one at the westerly entrance.  If you look at the extreme left, at the head level of the man waiting for the next trolley, you can see the the 13th Avenue station of the Culver Line.  The slight raised point there is the outline of a red brick lumberyard at 37th Street and Church Avenue which was the site of the Nassau Electric yard.

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