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Thursday, November 29, 2012

New York City Subway Stations with Street Elevations less than or equal to 15 Feet

In the map below that I prepared in ARCGIS,  I selected those subway/elevated stations that have a street elevation of 15 feet or less.  For the Rockaway area, which was devastated by Sandy, except for Rockaway Park station, the stations are on a concrete viaduct.  The elevations listed are at the street surface.  Generally, the stations effected by flooding are those that are underground and have a low surface elevation.  For elevated stations that have street level elevations at low levels, such as Brighton Beach, the station was not effected but the surrounding community was.  Some of the elevated stations that are at low lying areas, such as Coney Island - Stillwell Avenue and Ocean Parkway did not show up on the map because their street elevations were listed as above 15 feet.  This I believe is a mistake because technically, my "spatial join" picked up building elevations; perhaps the height of the station itself or surrounding buildings instead of the surface elevation.  I apologize for this but I believe that the map overall shows that the areas in distress as a result of Hurricane Sandy are indicated on the map.  It is possible that the elevation file give for the Stillwell Avenue location the height of the station and not the street elevation.  See second map where the street elevation for Stillwell Avenue is not correct.  The shape file provided the height of the elevated structure and not the street.  The streets near Stillwell Avenue are below 25 feet as indicted by the legend.  Sorry for the mistake.

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