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Monday, November 26, 2012

Up to 1924, Coney Island Creek extended beyond Ocean Parkway

According to the 1924 Aerial that I used and georeferenced on an ARCGIS map that I prepared, it seems that the Coney Island Creek ran north in the area that became the Coney Island Shops and Yards.  Another branch of the creek extended easterly between Shell Road and Ocean Parkway at the location of the present day Belt Parkway.  In addition, it seems that a branch also extended across Ocean Parkway at the present day Belt Parkway and turned north as far as Hubbard Street near Avenue Z.  Notice the unbuilt area between Shell Road where the F train runs today all the way to East 2nd Street north of Avenue Z.  As far as I know,  many of the signals are still knocked out in the Coney Island Yard and trains need to be stored on the express tracks of neighboring lines.  You can see why because this area was formerly on the site of the creek.

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