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Friday, November 16, 2012

Classic Shot of GG Train Leaving Smith-9th Street

  Many of my posts deal with the area around Red Hook, the Smith-9th Street Subway Station and the Culver Viaduct.  In this classic shot, showing the Manhattan skyline, a "GG" train of classic R1-9 subway cars are leaving the station and descending into the tunnel for their trip to Manhattan.  According to the skyline in this picture, I will date the picture as prior to 1960 because the Chase Manhattan Bank building is not yet built.  The "GG" train is now known as the "G" train.  The New York City Transit Authority dropped double letter routes many years ago (1979?).    The classic Independent Subway R1-9 cars openned the Independent Subway in the early 1930's.  These cars seemed to "be alive" with their interesting sounds of sighs, shishes and other aspirant noises from their braking and air systems.  I really miss them.

Photo Source:  Hear the sounds of the R1-9 car below:

Here is a 1959 jazz piece that goes along with the location:  A Charles Mingus Septet recorded in 1959 in New York with John Handy on Alto Sax.

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