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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

South Brooklyn RR Map with Street Crossings - by H. Raudenbush 2/61

Source:  Groh, Karl F. and Seyfried, Vincent F. "The South Brooklyn Railway", in Headlights, Arthur J. Lonto, Editor, Vol. 55, Number 5-6, May-June 1993, Trackage by H. Raudenbush, February, 1961, p. 8.

I posted some South Brooklyn Railroad maps before but this map is more complete in showing the various sidings and connections to other railroads and rapid transit.  Notice the siding on 37th Street between Fort Hamilton Parkway and Ditmas Avenue.  Previous trolley trackage and loops such as the Kensington Junction Loop and the loop at First Avenue and 39th Street is also shown. This is a good detailed map and a notice shot of Locumotive #1 is included.

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