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Thursday, November 8, 2012

NYC Transit Authority Plans to Convert "Sea" Beach Line (N) to Trolleyboat

  As a result of Hurricane Sandy, the transit authority is still unable to provide Sea Beach Line Service between 59th Street in Brooklyn and Coney Island due to flooding in the open cut, specially between 86th Street and Avenue U stations.  As a result of failure to pump out the water, the New York City Transit Authority will convert the section from 86th Street to Avenue U to TROLLEYBOAT.  The line has already the "Sea" as part of the name.  See picture below to see an early model of a trolley boat.  In keeping with tradition, the much beloved Type D Triplex cars (shown below from a picture taken from the web showning a train at the Beverely Road Station on Brighton Line) design will be copied.  Three unit articulated boats with circular passenger connecting passageways will be built.  The units will receive their power by way of trolleybus wires.  For many years, the Type D Triplex was used on the Sea Beach and some of the other Southern Division lines

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