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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

R-32 Class Subway Cars being transported to Rockaway Line

  As you now, the Rockaway Line in Queens has been hard hit by Hurricane Sandy in terms of bridge damages and track wash outs.  There is no service on the line and it has been proposed to re-equip the line with some subway rolling stock transported by flat bed truck.  This picture, I got off the web at the subway chat website:

It seems to be happening.  The service to be provided will probably be round robin service of a few cars from Far Rockaway to Rockaway Park on the hard hit Rockaway Peninsula.  The Rockaway line in the Rockaway Peninsula is physically isolated due to bridge damage and track washouts.  The only way to equip the line that is still intact is by flat bed truck.

I believe this photo was taken this early morning by Mike at subchat.  He states the location is at Pitkin Avenue.

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